Monday, December 6, 2010

Do wings get better than this?

I mentioned in my last post that we were going to an old favorite for wings, and so far, that only means one place - The Pogue!  The very first review on this blog still stands to be correct.  We've been to four other establishments since our last visit there, we were happy to be "home".  We went back to The Pogue with high expectations, and needless to say, we were not disappointed.  

I ordered twenty with dry Cajun on (of course) but I had to switch the sauce up a bit since last time I was there so I decided on Franks Gold Fever and Hot and Sweet on the side.  The wings came out looking just the way I remembered them - perfectly breaded, crispy golden looking and they were bigger than a standard wing measuring mechanism - a wet nap (see review on "Porters" below).  

Some good lookin wings

Once again, these were perfectly cooked and tasted amazing.  Crisp on the outside and the chicken pretty much fell off the bone as you made your way through the wing, I don't understand how wings can get better than this.  Also, the Franks Gold Fever sauce was incredible, didn't seem too spicy at first but after a bit you could really tell it had a great flavor and a stronger spicyness to it.  
That's the Franks Gold Sauce on the left, delicious!

I felt honored as I was able to eat away at such perfect wings.  It's been about two months since I have been able to enjoy wings this much, and I've been talking about them ever since.  A lot of people thought I was a bit crazy, but everyone in our group of about fifteen now fully understand why I say the Pogue has the best wings.  Once again, this is rated 5 out of 5!

So, this blog seems to be turning into a question on whether there are any places out there that exist with better wings than The Pogue.  So far the answer is no, and I have to make it a challenge to see if such a place exists, I'm not sure if I'll ever find one, but I'll gladly keep trying.  If you think you know a place that has better wings, please let me know, I'd love to try them.  

The newest sauce list

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  1. The Pogue Fado has absolutely horrendous customer service skills. At one point about 1.5 years ago I was a steady wing night customer. At least 4 times a month I would get 20-30 chicken wings, drinks, and a basket of fries during wing nights. I loved the wings and for the most part the servers were good. One night I had an experience that was less than as good as it normally was. First of all, they ran out of wings one night so the next night I went and they had them back but we had a less than pleasant experience with some of the employees. This was to the point that I decided not to go back at all. I stayed away from this place for an entire year but decided to go back and try it. Once again absolutely horrible customer service. They had listed on their website and their facebook that they had 35 cent wings as per usual on this night. When I arrived to get wings and the waitress came to take our order at 8:07 she informed us that they didn't have wing night that night as there was a monthly fundraiser for the SPCA that night. Well that's all fine and dandy but that ended at 8:00 and since it took them about 10 minutes to wait on us by the time she came along it was too late to order this, nor would they sell us wings for 35 cents a piece. The fundraiser involved spending $12 for all you can eat wings which was fine but they wouldn't do it since we were ordering 7 minutes too late (those who had already started were still ordering wings by the 10 basket but we were not able to order just two baskets at any sort of discount under $20). As one final request just to confirm, it was going to cost me $20 plus tax to get 20 wings so I decided to leave. Maybe after another year has passed I'll head back in and see if the customer service has improved... I used to love the chicken wings here to the point that I would travel 70 KMs each way just to go for chicken wings here each week. I've still got some gift certificates to this place that I got for Christmas in 2009 since just before then I was a regular customer and I received lots of them for Christmas. This week was my first venture back in there since then and I didn't get to use them. If anyone's interested in them I'll give them away since their value to me is $0... [/Rant]