Monday, December 13, 2010

Best wings in Dartmouth ...

As per a recommendation from @LousyRock on Twitter, we went for wings at Jacob’s Lounge in Dartmouth last Thursday evening.  I was concerned when we walked in and the place was empty, to me that’s not usually a good sign, I’m used to spots being pretty busy on wing nights, so I was already a bit skeptical as to how these wings were going to be, but I was soon proven wrong.
Best wings in Dartmouth so far, good size sauce bowl too

For their wing special, they had 24 wings and a pitcher of beer (not sure how many ounces) on for $20, but if you didn’t want the beer, a dozen wings would be $8.50.  I really enjoy beer with my wings, so I was ok with it, but a lot of people with us don’t drink beer, I’d like to see a cheap wing option with a beverage purchase, like most other places do.

The sauce selection is the most basic I’ve ever seen, you have two choices – homemade spicy or honey and garlic (and no option of a dry spice), so I went with the spicy.  The wings arrived and looked delicious!  They were breaded, nice and crispy, not overcooked, the chicken inside was nice and tender and the homemade spicy sauce had a great flavor to it, these were the best wings I’ve had on the Dartmouth side so far, 4.25 out of 5!

I’d also like to say that the service here was excellent, they were very friendly, efficient and attentive.  I will be back to Jacob’s Lounge sometime for sure.  And when I do return, it would be nice to see a fairly standard wing special and a few more sauces to choose from.  If people are looking for some awesome wings in Dartmouth, this is the place to go.  


  1. so what is it 3/5 4.2/5 4/5 5/5 i would have to say 4/5 on the ones I had but that is just me

  2. whoops, forgot to put the rating - I have updated to reflect a 4.25/5.

  3. The wings have gotten better here. $.50 on wing night. But every other night of the week you can get 12 for only $8.50

    The wings are so tender and juicy. The breading is so good you dont need sauce.... Their honey garlic is way better then most places. They also have sweet chilli sauce now. But my all time favorite is their homemade spicy sauce. I go out of my way to eat the wings here. Last week we also tried the fish and chips along with the wings and it was better than most fish and chip places out there. The fish was cooked to perfection. And only cost $7.95 for 2 pieces.

    If you get there before 7pm it is happy hour and always a friendly crowd there. One last thing try his secret recipe slow cook ribs.

  4. Wingman you need to go back the wings are killer on Thursday's.