Saturday, November 13, 2010

V is for Victor's

I'm a bit late on getting around to posting this one but a few of us went to Victor's Bar & Grill on Spring Garden a couple of Thursdays ago for $0.35/wings, and overall, they were pretty good.  Victor's in general is a really nice place, great environment and d├ęcor, I'd love to make it back some night soon and try a few of their martinis, they have a large selection and are only five bucks each. 

Now on to the wings - the sauce selection is a lot less than the martini list, they have sesame honey garlic, buffalo style and Victor's blackened secret sauce (but no dry spice option).  The wings are breaded, so that is a plus in my opinion. 

Not bad looking wings ("secret" sauce is pictured on the left)

I ordered fifteen with the buffalo and the blackened secret sauce on the side.  The buffalo sauce was a pretty standard type wing sauce and the "secret" sauce tasted pretty much like molasses, I don't enjoy molasses with my wings.  They were a pretty decent size when it comes to wings, they were cooked and had a pretty good flavor, however, you could really notice the grease the closer you got to the last wing.  Overall, I'd have to give these wings a 3.5 out of 5. 

And on a side note, after we were all sitting down and enjoying a few beverages, a couple of chicks in Virgin Mobile attire came over to us and doubled all of our drinks for free in exchange for a couple minutes of their time to hear about Virgin Mobile!  I ended up with a free pitcher of beer so I was pretty happy, however, I almost wished I had have orderd a bottle of Patron if I had have known. 

Until next time, thanks for reading.

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