Friday, October 8, 2010

Up Next - Bubba Ray's

Ok, time for review number three.  We all went to Bubba Ray's this time, great atmosphere, lots of TV's and I don't think I've ever seen a greater selection of wing sauces in my life!

It was last Thursday night and they had the university wings on for $0.40/wing.  I went with 20 of the Bubba Rays Maple Hot Sauce (hot sauce with a blend of pure Acadian Maple Syrup) on the side and the Sweet Smokey BBQ dry spice on (for an extra $0.90).  I must say I was fairly impressed, they weren't the biggest wings I've seen but they did taste pretty good for what meat was on them, the outside was favorably crispy and the meat inside was not dry at all.  I wasn't able to taste any maple in the sauce, seemed more like Louisian Hot Sauce, but it was delicious.  As per The Coast, this place is ranked number one, I don't agree, overall I'd have to give these wings a 4 out of 5.

With so many options of differnet sauces to try, I am looking forward to going back sometime soon, maybe catch a football game (once Thursday night football starts) and see what sauce I'll try next.  With so many different kinds, I'd love to hear from anyone whose tried them, let me know what your favorite sauce is, I'll be sure to try it.


  1. they arent cheap...I got charged an extra dollar to try another sauce

  2. An extra sauce always seems to be over priced.

  3. I'll agree with the university wings being small and the extra sauce being over-priced but you need to have the mega wings to get the best they offer.

  4. You should review Big Leagues and Coles in Dartmouth. Both places have wing nights.

  5. I will do that. I've never heard of Coles before, thanks.

  6. I heard that Bubba Rays has discontinued their Sunday wing special. It's a sad day for Sunday afternoon football. Sigh...

    1. Thanks for letting me know, I'll have to investigate soon and update the Daily Wing Specials. At least there will still be the option of catching a game on Thursday nights.