Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Frozen - Friend or Foe?

Well, Sobey's had a pretty good deal on wings the other day, buy a pound box of frozen wings at $9.99 and get a box free, I couldn't pass that up (approximately $0.42/wing with the sale, if you'd say there are about twelve wings to a pound).  I purchased a box of Village Buffalo chicken wings and the free one was Honey and Garlic.  The picture on the box doesn't even look too appealing, but I had to try them.    

I made five of each kind (and yes, coooked in the oven again just like the last frozen wing review, I may have to get a deep fryer for this sort of thing) and if they are on sale again I believe I'd have to pass.  

Pretty easy to see the sauce I burnt on, and some skin casualities
They had a ton of sauce all over them, which usually wouldn't have been too bad, but I think that had something to do with most of the wings getting a little or a lot burnt.  They weren't crispy at all (obvious by the pics on the box I guess) even though I managed to burn most of them, and overall, they were ok, but still not that great compared to most places you can order wings at (not including Porters from my last review, that's a whole other topic, I'd rather have my wings burnt than not cooked).  I'd say they were a fairly average size for a chicken wing, the sauce was ok and so was the chicken, I'd have to give these a 2 out of 5, I'd rather have the other frozen wings I rated if I was given a choice again.  Wing night is going to be this Thursday, review to follow soon ...

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