Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Beginning ...

Well, this is my first blog and here's a bit of information about what my intentions are...

There is usually a group of us that go out for wings a couple times a month, we’ve been doing this for a while and it’s always a good time.  It seems like the natural thing to do on a payday, wings and beer, they truly go great together.  I've been to a few different places for wings during my time and I was really surprised early on with the differences between each place, in the beginning I guess I was naive and thought a wing was a wing, well, I was wrong.  I’m a fairly picky person, and I know how I like my wings.  Lately the group of us has only been going to two different places.  Well, that is about to change.

Like everyone else, I've been to some places with some questionable wings and other places with some petty damn good wings.  My goal here is to find the most enjoyable place - the tastiest wings at the right price, an enjoyable atmosphere, decent price on the beer and some pretty good service.  I've learned there can be a wide variety in all.

As I’ve already mentioned I’m going to try a bunch of places that sell wings, I’ll include a little write up on each experience, some pics and the most important part – a rating.  Ordering wings can potentially be quite the ordeal – How much do they cost?  How many do I want or how many do I have to order at a time?  Breaded/not breaded?  And of course, the sauce – how many different kinds are there?  Any option for a dry spice on? (which I really enjoy by the way).  Sauce on them or on the side?  There can be many options.  But really, it boils down to one thing – are these wings awesome or not? 

We will be headed out in the very near future to what I consider, thus far, my favorite place for wings, I figured that’s a good way to start all this.  Stay tuned ...

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  1. Good luck with the blog. Wings and things could be very interesting.