Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The First Review ...

Alright, so here it is, the first review ….

I had to start this off at the place I’ve frequented the most for wings  – The Pogue Fado.  They have wings five nights a week, 7:30 to 9:30, and an excellent selection of sauces I must say.  They are still really cheap during those times, even with the recent price increase, still only $0.35 a wing. 

We got there a bit early on Thursday, if not it can be hard to find a place to sit down with a large group (also a great place to hang out afterwards if you’re looking for a night out).  It wasn’t long after we sat down that we were greeted and had our drink orders taken, nice and efficient.  I ordered twenty wings (breaded is the only option I believe, just the way I like them) and managed to eat about fourteen and a half, that’s a lot for me to put down.   I enjoy a bit of kick to my wings so I decided on the dry Cajun on (extra $1.50 charge) and sweet Thai chili on the side, I really have to say, they were incredibly delicious, there are a lot more flavors I’m looking forward to trying. 

Cooked perfectly, fairly crispy on the outside and not shy with the dry spice, yet still nice and juicy on the inside and not even greasy, they really tasted like the perfect wing.  I honestly don’t know how wings can get better than this.  I didn’t really want to start the blog off on this note, but the bar has been set high, 5 out of 5 all around as far as I’m concerned!
Now those are some good looking wings
We’re going to head out to a different place (there is certainly no shortage of them) real soon to try some more wings, not sure how that will go but I’m interested to see if anywhere exists with better wings than the Pogue, I’m open to suggestions.   If you think you know of a better spot, feel free to let me know.  Stay tuned …

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